Charter Bus Rentals to the Treasure Valley, the West and Beyond

We are a direct service provider for your group travel needs. We're based in Boise, with departure points from Seattle to Las Vegas and everything inbetween.

Simplifying Bus Charters
From Boise to Spokane and even over to Seattle or Salt Lake.

Based out of Boise, our charters run throughout Washington, Idaho, Utah, Nevada, and Montana. Our bus fleet travels over 20,000 miles per day throughout the West. Some of our popular destinations include:

Bus Charter Company Serving Idaho, Washington, Nevada, Utah, Montana, & More

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Always on the road. We pride ourselves in being in the Top 5% of transportation providers for vehicle maintenance.

The Best

We hire, train and reward the best. All drivers undergo Driver Training that exceeds the federal standards.

Exceeding Standards

We use an industry-leading camera system that tracks the driver's eye movement as well as traffic flow to ensure safety on all of our rides.

Rented charter bus driving through las Vegas..

Groups We Serve

Our chartered buses move groups all over the West. With bus dispatches located in Boise, Spokane, Twin Falls, and even connecting services in cities like Las Vegas, Reno, and Salt Lake City. We are perfectly positioned to help simplify your group travel needs.

Our Promise to Our Passengers

You are the reason we’re in business. We are your trusted charter company. Our passenger promises are what you can expect from us, so you have the confidence to travel with peace of mind, knowing that we have your success in mind.
Professional Charter Bus Drivers


We have a commitment to safety and a record that is unmatched.


We’re honest, forthright, and fair. We thrive on creating loyal customers.


We will get you there dependably, on time and without incident.


In the end, it’s about creating positive memories, and that’s our expertise.

We are over 65 years old!

Boise-Winnemucca Stages became an Idaho corporation in 1939. The company is primarily a family-owned business with its roots in Boise, Idaho.

Boise-Winnemucca Stages operates 6 coaches from the Boise, Idaho, facilities. One of the coaches is ADA accessible (wheelchair lift equipped).

The strength of Boise is derived from its management and personnel. The management has been the same for the past two decades.

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Boise-Winnemucca Stageline Charters
Our charter service is making it easier for your group to travel. With a variety of options and amenities to suit your needs, our charter buses are designed to serve you all the way to your destination.
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